Arquitetura e Urbanismo
In classical Latin, the word LOCUM means place, a space to live in. Designing spaces to give a sense of place when occupied. This would be a house, office, factory, green area, or a city. To change spaces in places is our goal. LOCUM’s core business is focused on architecture and urban design, being city planning, landscape architecture or project implementation an extension of our activities. Our initial resume is borrowed from its founder, Mr. Macedo, who already had a national and international experience in those fields of work

Adilson Costa Macedo Dr. Macedo, architect, University of São Paulo / 1964, worked as a practitioner up to 1971, when moved on to teach at the University of Brasilia and collaborate in the campus planning and design. From 1975 to1977, in the USA, he attended Harvard University, GSD. Coming back to Brasilia and working deeply on university campus design, besides to became responsible for planning and design University of Brasilia’s campus. Later on, Dr. Macedo became a consultant for the International Development Bank. He moved back to São Paulo in 1985, got his PhD Diploma by the University of São Paulo in 1987, and established the LOCUM team in 1990. Since them besides his academic activities as a professor at University of São Paulo and at Universidade São Judas Tadeu, his portfolio has been related to the LOCUM group.. Research, teaching activities and the architectural practice has given him a true knowledge of what the world and people of today need in terms of “place” using appropriated resources.
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